Sometimes you need to Color

As many of you know I’ve enjoyed arty pursuits most of my life. According to my parents I used to regularly decorate the walls of our early homes with whatever drawing instruments I could find to hand. That grew into my parents defense of presenting me with gifts of drawing pads and colorful implements for most gift-giving occasions throughout my childhood.

Sometimes though it is nice to just color pretty pictures that someone else has drawn, and this new trend of adult coloring books has been embraced even by creative types like myself. It is a restful quiet way to unwind from a busy day of crochet design and chasing around with my family.

In my Mail box

This week I celebrated the arrival in my mail box of a new coloring book from the wonderful imaginings and pen of Franklin Habit titled, “I Dream of Yarn”. I had pre-ordered it on Amazon, and had been stalking my mailbox all week in anticipation of it’s arrival.

I’ve enjoyed Franklin’s writing and humorous illustrations related to yarn crafts for sometime. So when I saw the announcement of this up-coming book I knew I needed to have a copy.

Franklin doesn’t disappoint in this coloring book. The drawings are clever and funny. I’ve been looking thru it with delight and trying to decide which I will color first. Picking a favorite is going to be hard. Currently it is a toss-up between the page of Escher like kitties playing with yarn or the lovely haughty goddess of crochet. There are hedgehogs, sweater wearing sheep, and a multitude of yarn in balls and skeins thru-out.

Ready to Color

This book is a great gift for any yarn loving crafter, whether they are devotees to the art of 2 sticks or one hook. You might want to get one for yourself as well. Now I’m off to do some coloring on this lovely Memorial Day weekend.

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