New Camera – New Problems

My poor little YouTube Channel is feeling quite neglected lately. Between the Christmas trips and then the death of my old Samsung Note 2 smartphone my productive time has been seriously compromised.


I was working on a project this last weekend uploading the video footage I had shot with my new Smartphone. Unfortunately, though the footage was oriented correctly on my computer screen to review, the clips were upside down when I imported them into my video editing software. That software is a bit older and doesn’t allow for rotating the clips so I may be investing in a software update. That or re-filming the footage to see if I can correct the orientation problem.

The good news is, once I get all this new-to-me technology figured out and working properly, I will be producing more and better quality videos for all my wonderful followers.


This is my new camera that I purchased in February. In a way this camera was partially a Christmas gift. My in-laws knew I was needing a better camera for my work, so they and my aunt gave me monetary gifts to help pay for it. As a micro-business I have to really watch every penny, and I had been saving up to purchase a good camera for the past year. Having my Note 2 bite the dust in January made things a bit of a stretch, but with the help of the Christmas gifts I managed to get this camera and it’s kit.

Some of the accessories that came in the kit are a mystery to me, but fortunately there is lots of information on the internet to help me figure them out. I was happy to find a “For Dummies” E-book that is about my exact model of camera, since the information in the booklet that came with the camera read like a foreign language to me. I’ve been working my way thru the “dummies’ book to understand all the bells and whistles on the camera. Seriously, you would almost expect this thing to wash the dishes, do the laundry and weave in ends.

One of the best ways to learn all this technology is just to use it. Which means I am hoping for some nicer weather to get out and take lots of photos. The great thing about using a digital camera is that I can take loads of photos without all the expensive of having film developed. Hopefully I’ll have some crochet and yarn related photos to show you on the blog before this month is out.