Life keeps Rolling Along

I had hoped to share photos of my finished latest PWT shawlette. Unfortunately it isn’t finished. I have quite a bit of work done on it and I’ll share about that tomorrow.

The Playing with Triangles class went great today, but about an hour into it I got a text from my husband. My father-in-law, Bob aka Baba, has not been doing well the last few months.  He has been battling cancer and some other major health issues for the past couple of years. About 2 weeks ago he was released from the hospital and the doctors told us there wasn’t anything further they could do to help him. So he was set up with in-home hospice care.

Today was the call that we were not looking forward to. The text from my husband was that he was heading to the airport to fly back to Ohio to be with his mom and dad. I just got another text from my husband a few minutes ago and he is with his dad. I’m really glad they will get to say good-bye and that my dear father-in-law is surrounded by people who love him. Both my husband and my sister-in-law are there with him.

Baba and J (6 mos)

My kids and I talked this evening about how much we love Baba and remembered all the great times we have spent with him. I’m going to take a beat to breathe and be with my family. I may not have a post for you all tomorrow, but I’ll be back with a new post on Monday.

Remember to tell your loved ones how dear they are to you, you never know when the chance will be gone.