Oh my Goodness!!!

Life is still being crazy. Yesterday got away from me without a chance to do a blog post at all. It’s been a near thing for today.

Yesterday, the little bit of working time was actually spent writing class proposals for the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Festival. I’ll be teaching there again this coming September. Still in the process of figuring out which classes I’ll be teaching.

Some of the classes I’m offering to the education committee are crochet, but I am also developing some needle-felting classes. In aid of that I was needle-felting pieces to photograph yesterday.

Today I got quite a bit of crochet time in while we visited with family. This morning was Baba’s funeral service. It was very nice and my kids each lit a candle for their Baba as part of the service.

Baba and J (6 mos)

Nana and my sister-in-law had created a wonderful collage of Baba for the service as well. The large central photo was this one you’ve seen already.

It was good to be with all the family and friends who loved Baba, and to share stories and our memories of our time with a very dear and special man. There were tears, laughter and lots of hugs. Sometimes we need to be reminded of our mortality to recall how special all our loved ones are to us.

Tomorrow we will be back on the road, I’ll be crocheting in the car again. I’m hoping to have a least one of my projects I brought along finished before I make it back to the mountain. Looks like we will be headed back to some real winter weather again.

My house-sitter says we had about a foot of snow the other day and that the plow blocked the end of our driveway when they cleared the roads. Of course the weather took a snowy turn, I didn’t pack my big coat or my snow boots for this trip.