Happy National Crochet Month

March is here again and the hooks are being held high. I am a day behind in blogging about it though, as I was away from the computer most of the day yesterday.  When I did get online later in the evening, I discovered that I am one of the Nominees for Best New Crochet Designer in the 3rd Annual Crochet Awards. Yay!

Of course, most of my current crochet projects are super secret as they are designs awaiting publication, so I’ve been blogging about knitting.  For those that have been following my knitting adventures, you well understand why it’s going to be a very long time (if ever) that I will have to be super secret about knitting designs.

Today I decided I would treat myself to a bit of my favorite type of crocheting. Free Form.  The “Knitting Love” got to meet my “Crochet Passion” in this lovely fragment.

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