Just in Time for Spring

Meet my Little Lamb Field.  I’m so happy with how he came out.  Not only has he passed the major cuteness test with my children, he is an ideal size for an Easter Basket cuddly.

He was also chosen for the front cover of the April 2011 Issue of Crochet Magazine.  This is my first full cover as a designer and I’m so pleased.

The original Field was a crazy little creation that I stitched from scraps in my odds-and-ends bin. He was part of a fun springtime challenge on Ravelry in the Oddballs group.  When I went to Chain Link 2009 in Buffalo, I showed him to Michele Maks (the editor of Crochet World at that time). She thought he could be a good fit for the magazine.

Life being what it is, things didn’t align for him to make it into the magazine at that time. Then a year later at Chain Link 2010 in Manchester, Michele and I discussed him again.

Finally Field got his star moment.  So it seems quite fitting after all his patience that he is now a Cover Boy.  I hope everyone enjoys making their own versions of this snuggly little Lamb.

3 thoughts on “Just in Time for Spring

  1. Hi Andee I am trying to crochet this pattern for my children, but I was a little confused with how to begin with the legs. I was having a difficult time working over the yarn tail, I hope I got it right maybe I could send you a pic.

    1. Lisa, working over the beginning tail is just so you can tighten it good to close the center opening of the first round.

      If it doesn’t work for you to stitch over the yarn tail go ahead and work the first 2 rounds of the leg however is easiest for you. Then thread the beginning tail on a small yarn needle and sew it thru the bottom of each st in round 1. Give it a good tug to snug it up and weave in the end to secure it. Finish the rest of the leg as the pattern instructs.

      Hope this helps.

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