Sometimes I feel very jealous of other designers who don’t have small children sucking their time and brains away.  And then there are those who have small children, but wisely had their offspring whilst they were young enough to keep up with them.

I know that my boys will be grown up before the blink of an eye.  I know how quickly the past years have already zipped by. Yet, I feel like my life is this constant crazed balancing act.

Finding time to swatch, write, crochet finished pieces, manage the laundry, shopping, meal-prep and the myriad tasks for work and home life that creep into everyday seems nearly impossible.  I fall into bed, often at insane hours of the night (technically morning), so exhausted that it seems 5 minutes later the alarm is dragging me out of a deep sleep.

Of course, when I get too far into this jealousy grump I remind myself of how blessed my life is. Coming into the week of the Thanksgiving holiday (US)  is a wonderful time to count those blessings. So I will try to blog at least 4 times this week about the blessings in my life.

 The first blessing I’m counting is actually feeling jealousy.  Because that feeling allows me to contemplate what it is I think I’m missing.  Often times it is a wake-up call to see the joy in my own life, or to put my feet more firmly on the path I want to be following.

It is easy to become distracted when one is born with the number of creative brain cells I have.  So noticing those little twinges of jealousy helps me see if those distractions are helping or harming the hopes and dreams I harbor.

I have found it very interesting the results of that exercise. Many times I’ve discovered that I’m really okay being where I am and doing what i’m doing.

So my challenge to you my dear readers, look at what you’ve been feeling jealous or envious about and see if it really is something you would want for yourself.  The answer just might surprise you.

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