Day 7 of “Texting Mitts” Tour

Today is the last stop of my week long blog tour, and it is very fitting that it is my friend Julia Meek Chambers of Aberrant Crochet.

Me (went squinty grin) and Julia at CLF Retreat October 2010
Me (with squinty grin) and Julia
at CLF Retreat October 2010

Julia and I initially got to know each other thru the Crochet Liberation Front group on Ravelry in 2008. Then we finally got the opportunity to meet in person at the CLF Retreat – Crochet at Cama in October 2010.

Julia and I are both uber crafty types, maybe it is that Southern Gal thing (my mom is a Texan and so is Julia).  We both took Jimbo’s hook carving class at the retreat and had a great time in there. Julia spent a great deal of her time at the retreat working with Jimbo, but we still managed to have lots of time to laugh together.

I love Julia’s crochet work, she is constantly pushing the envelope on what can happen with yarn and a hook (and sometimes she doesn’t use yarn). When it really comes down to it, Jules is just Fun. It’s a small word to describe someone with so much personality and reality in her heart, but it is a very fitting word in every sense.

So click on over to check out her review, and while you are over there cruise around to take a look at some of her older posts.  You will very likely find a new crochet buddy that you love visiting regularly.

Photo courtesy of Amy Curtin
Photo courtesy of Amy Curtin

Meanwhile my friend Amy Curtin sent me this photo she took in her local Jo-Anns. That’s right folks, the booklet has been spotted in the wild. Yay!

And a reminder folks, you have until noon (MST) to leave a comment on my “In the Stores” post to enter my drawing for a copy of the “Texting Mitts” booklet.  I’ll post the winning name tomorrow, so hop over there quick!

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