My newest technology acquisition is my Samsung Galaxy Note II phone. This phone is a bit larger than my old phone, but it is lighter in weight. It is very useful.

Pen View

This lovely new phone has a “pen” that is housed in the phone itself, so it is readily available when needed. Best of all, when I pull the pen out the phone automaticially opens up the SNote app that allows me to choose a page type to write on. I’m still working on the learning curve with this. But am already having lots of fun with it.

There is a little app that I’ve been using for some doodling, Paper Artist. Using it and the SNote app I made a series of Angel drawings.

Sm Ornament Photo

I started out with a photograph of this little Angel ornament.

Sm Beginning Drawing

Then I pulled it into Paper Artist to make some changes.

Sm Angel SNote

After that I brought it over to the SNote app to add color and further refine the image.

Then it was time for the real fun to begin. I pulled the colored image back into Paper Artist and had all sorts of fun with the various effects.

Sm Angel Drawing 1 Sm Angel Drawing 2 Sm Angel Drawing 3 Sm Angel Drawing 4 Sm Angel Drawing 5 Sm Angel Drawing 6 Sm Angel Drawing 7 Sm Angel Drawing 8

It is going to be great having a handy little art studio with me that fits in my coat pocket. I don’t think it will completely replace my beloved sketch pads, but it will be very convenient for quickly jotting down ideas and inspiration when I am on the go.











Candy Shell

And one last photo for you. The hard shell case I purchased to protect my new investment is of course…Hot Pink (like anyone is surprised about that).

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