A Finished Shawl

Finished PWT before tails woven

It took a bit longer than I had hoped, but I have finally finished my first “Playing with Triangles Shawl”. In the end I decided to make it 54 rows before putting on the border. My finished shawl is 76 inches along the top span and 36 inches long at the point.

Even Rows

One of the things I learnt working this first shawl is that I can keep track that my rows are even by keeping an eye on the scallops (highlighted with purple lines) on the “even” side of the top center.

Tail ends

I really had a lot of tails to weave in when I reached the finish. Took about an hour to weave them all in because I plan to use this shawl a lot and didn’t want them popping loose on me. I ended up with 25 tails total.

Snowy Outdoors

It was another cold snowy day up here on my mountain, so the new shawl got an immediate wearing. It’s wonderfully cozy and comfy.

Me in PWT

You can find the free pattern for this shawl on my blog post: “Playing with Triangles” . I also have a video on my YouTube channel that walks you thru the steps of working the first 4 rows and the border: Click here to see the video.

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