A Few Quick Projects

I’m down to the last minute stuff for my trip next week to the Knit & Crochet Show a.k.a. Chain Link.

Been a busy week getting the household in shape for me to be gone 7 days. My boys will have it completely destroyed by the time I get back, but I try to have it looking nice before I head out the door.

I’ve gathered up everything I want to take, now I just need to weed it out to what I really need so that my suitcases don’t go over the weight limit.

I’ve finished 2 sweaters that are currently blocking and I’ll be sharing more with you about those after my return from this trip. Meanwhile I wanted to show you 2 fun neck wear pieces that I finished for the trip.

Loopy de Loop Necklace

This is my “Loopy de Loop Necklace” made with just one ball of Classic Elite’s “Santorini” yarn. The variety of colors and textures really looked great in this simple fluffy necklace. I’ll be sharing the pattern for it along with a fun video later this month autumn. The blog post with the pattern is done now! “Loopy de Loop Necklace” (August 27, 2016) and the link to the video on my YouTube Channel is here.

Sweet Song Decorative Scarf

This is my “Sweet Song Decorative Scarf” made with one hank of Lion Brand’s Silk. I bought this yarn and the beads at the Knit & Crochet Show a couple years ago and finally came up with the perfect project for it.  The toughest part of working this project is that is starts off with a very long chain foundation and the regular chain stitches are periodically interspersed with beaded chain stitches.

I’m hoping to have a helpful video up for this project soon, though it could be as late as August. In the meantime here is the written pattern.

Sweet Song Decorative Scarf

design by Andee Graves

Skill Level: Easy


Yarn: Lion Brand Yarns “LB Collection Silk”, 100% Silk (1.75 oz/50 g; 163 yds/150 meters): 1 hank

Hook: Clover Amour Size 7/4.5mm

Beads: 600 Size E glass beads thread all on yarn before starting project.

Gauge: 27 chains = 5.25″, 9 rows Shells = 3.25″

Special Stitches

Beaded Chain Stitch (BdCh): slide bead up near hook, yo and pull thru loop on hook capturing bead on back bump of chain stitch.

Slanted Shell Stitch (Shl): (dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in indicated place.

Pattern Notes

The first 2 rows are the most difficult, check count carefully while working them.


Row 1: Chain 11, *(BdCh, ch 2) 4 times, BdCh, ch 14,* Repeat from * to * 11 times.

Row 2: Turn, dc in 4th chain from hook, sk 3 chs, Shl next ch st, sk 2 chs, dc next ch, *ch 3, (BdCh, ch 2) 4 times, BdCh, ch 3, sk 19 chs, dc next ch st, sk 3 chs, Shl next ch st, sk 2 chs, dc next ch, * Repeat from * to * 11 times.

Row 3 – 11: Ch 3, turn, * dc in next dc, sk 3 dc, Shl next ch-2 sp, sk 1 dc, dc next dc, ** ch 3, (BdCh, ch 2) 4 times, BdCh, ch 3, sk 19 chs,* Repeat from * to * until reach last Shl segment, Repeat from * to ** once.


12 thoughts on “A Few Quick Projects

    1. Hi Patty,
      I’m so glad you like my scarf design. If you want to make the scarf without beads, just work your starting chain like the directions and work a plain chain each time it says to work a beaded chain. HTH

  1. Hello,

    I just found your lovely scarf and have decided to try making it. I am kind of stuck on the beginning of row 2. It seems like something is not right. It says: ~~Row 2: Turn, dc in 4th chain from hook, *ch 3, (BdCh, ch 2) 4 times, BdCh, ch 3, sk 19 chs, dc next ch st, sk 3 chs, Shl next ch st, sk 2 sts, dc next ch, * Repeat from * to * 11 times.~~

    When I made the dc in the 4th chain from the hook, then add the beads, chain 3 then sk (skip?) 19 chains, it makes a loop that is as big as a bracelet. It looks nothing like the photo. Did something not get copied into the post? Or am I reading this wrong?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Sue, It looks like you are missing working all this part of the instructions:

      ” *ch 3, (BdCh, ch 2) 4 times, BdCh,”

      Hopefully that will help you get the right result.

      1. Hi Sue,
        Yesterday was my Father-in-laws funeral, so I’m not operating at my best. I took another look at the pattern today. There was a section missing that I’ve corrected now. I had left off the first shell stitch.

        But you shouldn’t be getting a loop that is bracelet size. You will be repeating the instructions between the *s to the end of your starting chain. Your starting chain should be a total of 297 chains long, counting the beaded chains.

        Thanks for letting me know there was something awry at the beginning of Row 2.

  2. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your Father-in-Law.

    Thank you for the update. I will give it another try.

    I really appreciate your assistance.


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