Budding Leaves and Lilacs

It’s beginning to look like springtime finally. Off the mountain in town a lot of the trees are showing leaves and the flowers are in bloom. Up top though it’s been a slower sense of the season. Yesterday I was at my friend and neighbor V’s house for our weekly crochet and crafting visit.

V's Garden last Friday
V’s Garden last Friday

V has a lovely garden and a number of her bulbs were showing off blooms. Best of all to me though was that her lilac bushes are getting leaves and buds. I didn’t get any photos though since the weather got wet and cold. Hopefully the weather will be kind and the lilacs won’t be frozen before blooming and sharing their lovely scent.

Meanwhile we are still getting some cold days and a bit of snow up here on my mountain. We are at 8,400 feet above sea level and V’s house is around 7,000 feet.  There is a fairly big difference in the seasons between our houses, and V is a much more talented and dedicated gardener than I am.

Lilacs at Denver Zoo Spring 2012
Lilacs at Denver Zoo Spring 2012

I need to make a trip to the Denver Zoo with my family soon as the lilacs there are generally in bloom long before the ones up here on the mountain. They have a lot of lilacs on the zoo grounds and I always try to make at least one visit there while they are in bloom.

M2H Designs: Tumbling Leaves Scarf
M2H Designs: Tumbling Leaves Scarf

I decided it’s time to crochet some transitional pieces to add to my wardrobe. It’s been over 4 years since I published my “Tumbling Leaves Scarf”. This is a fun project to crochet for experienced or intrepid intermediate stitchers.

Mochi Plus Scarf WIP

Originally I created this design with a bulky yarn worked with a P size hook, but I wanted to try it in a lighter weight yarn with a smaller hook for a skinny scarf to wear this spring. I picked a ball of Crystal Palace’s “Mochi Plus” that reminded me of my favorite colors of springtime and used an I (5.5mm) hook to crochet with.

Scarf SectionI love “Mochi Plus” because it comes in so many lovely color combinations. I enjoy working with and designing with yarns that have long runs of color that blend together and this yarn doesn’t disappoint. My original scarf was 6.5 inches wide and 75 inches long. Using the “Mochi Plus” and the smaller hook this scarf came out 3.5 inches wide and 41 inches long before blocking.

Because of the faux motif design of this scarf I am going to try a different blocking technique with it and will share my results with you later.

If you’d like to make a scarf like this you can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry shop by clicking here.

The pattern includes both US crochet terminology text and charted directions.


Less than 3 weeks til Christmas!

So much to be done and time is getting short. All those grand plans you had for crocheting up the perfect gift for family and friends are now down to the wire.  For those of you looking for a quick crochet gift project, I and a few of my fellow designer/blogger friends have some suggestions for you.

Hurry Up Holiday Cowl by Tamara Kelly/Moogly
Hurry Up Holiday Cowl
by Tamara Kelly/Moogly

From the lovely Tamara Kelly over at Moogly the first pattern of her 2015 Moogly Holiday Mini CAL is available. Make this chunky cowl with one skein of Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA… in less than an hour! Video tutorials included!

Sparkly Jar Cover
Sparkly Jar Cover

Tamara also pulled together a gift giving guide on the Lion Brand Blog (including my Sparkly Jar Cover).

Coraline in Morocco Cowl by Simply Collectible Crochet

From Celina of Simply Collectible Crochet here is a list of some quick crochet projects that would make great gifts. I especially love her “Coraline in Morocco Cowl”. Make it in festive colors or a sparkly yarn and you have a lovely quick gift to brighten someone’s holiday. This would be a really great project for one of those lone balls of beautiful yarn that has been sitting in your stash for a couple of years un-loved.


From Jessie of Jessie-At-Home is her Last Minute Gift pattern Round-up from 2014. My favorite in this Round-up is the pattern for the “Lorraine” a wonderful wide ear warmer that buttons in the back. I especially like the version Jessie made with a big bold crocheted flower on it.

Peppermint Kisses Beanie - Kathy Lashley/ELK Studio
Peppermint Kisses Beanie – Kathy Lashley/ELK Studio

From Kathy of ELK Studio is the gorgeous “Peppermint Kisses” beanie. This pattern gives you 2 different band styles to choose from as well.  I could see this hat worked in any combination of colors. You could even work it in your giftee’s school colors.

Smidgen Cozy - M2H Designs
Smidgen Cozy – M2H Designs

One of my favorite recent designs for a quick crochet gift is my “Smidgen Cozy”. This project is quick to make because you are working with a large hook and very bulky yarn. All you need is yarn, hook, a pretty button and an evening to crochet up this cozy gift.

A lot of my patterns available for purchase thru my Ravelry Shop also work up quickly for gift giving.

Little Christmas Wreath - M2H Designs
Little Christmas Wreath – M2H Designs

One of my favorites to use as a Christmas brooch is my “Little Christmas Wreath”.  You can work it up in any yarns you have available, just use the appropriate size hook to fit your yarn. The little wreaths can also be embellished with beads to make them even more festive.

Twisted Vs Cowl - M2H Designs
Twisted Vs Cowl – M2H Designs

Another quick project is my “Twisted Vs Cowl”. This project again takes advantage of bulky yarn and a big hook, as well as an open stitch pattern, to speed you to completion of another gift.

Anna Moebius Cowl - M2H Designs
Anna Moebius Cowl – M2H Designs

My all-time favorite crochet gift project for my female friends and relatives though is my “Anna Moebius Cowl”.  I can complete one of these cowls in approximately 3 hours.  I especially like to use yarns with long color changes as the stitch pattern shows them off spectacularly.

Hopefully one or more of the patterns you can find thru these links will be just what you need for your gift-making projects. Remember to be gentle with yourself and take lots of breaks while you are stitching away on those last-minute gifts.


The Name is…

Thank you to all my readers that voted on the name for my newest Shawl. The name that got the most votes was…

Mountain Whisper Shawl

Mtn Whisper Shawl - M2H Designs

I didn’t want to make you wait to find out the name, but due to having a few unexpected complications this week with family and work schedules the pattern won’t be available on Ravelry until tomorrow at Noon (USA Mountain Time). I’ll put the link in this post once it is available.

For those of you that voted on the name, you can use your coupon code starting at Noon Saturday, September 26 to get 15% off if you purchase the pattern before 10 p.m. Sunday, October 18. That’s midnight Eastern time.

The pattern for the Mountain Whisper Shawl will be available in my Ravelry shop for $5.99. Here is the link to add it to your shopping cart on Ravelry.

This pattern includes written instructions in U.S. crochet terminology, a photo tutorial on aggressively blocking the shawl, stitch diagrams for the body of the shawl and for the lace border, and instructions on how to make the shawl larger.

Edited: September 26, 2015  – The pattern is now available on Ravelry and the link above should work. Please let me know if you run into difficulty with purchasing or with the pattern.

Granny Fans Redux

Photo of Granny Fans Scarf

This design is one of my favorites. Originally I created it for Michele Mak’s online subscription site, MainlyCrochet.com, back in October 2012 and it was published on there in the Fall of 2013.

Of course, after I send in a pattern and the sample, my brain keeps coming up with new ideas to expand on the original.

Granny Fans Redux - M2H Designs

When the rights for this pattern came back to me I knew I needed to re-visit those notes. Which is why this pattern in my Ravelry Shop: M2H Designs is called “Redux”.  I’ve re-done the design added in and sometimes subtracting things.

The new pattern is really more like getting 4 patterns in one.  There are lots of stitch diagrams for those (like me) that prefer those, as well as clear text instructions to help you make a Neck Cozy, Scarf, Tube Cowl or Moebius Cowl.

You can find the pattern in my shop on Ravelry by following this link: Granny Fans Redux

Tomorrow is “International Crochet Day” so I hope you get some crochet into your Saturday. I’ll be teaching at the Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair and touring the Brown Sheep Wool Company’s Mill. Going to be a day about fiber as well as crochet for me.

Hopefully I’ll have some photos of adorable fiber critters to share with you when I get back.

Summer’s End

I’ve had a really fun week. I hope all of you got a chance to visit my blog this past Tuesday for the Flash Giveaway Blog Hop. That was quite the whirlwind and a total blast. I think I, and my 7 other designer friends were all blown away by the response.

Now we are going into Labor Day Weekend. This weekend always marks the end of summer for me, even though the calendar says Autumn officially starts September 23rd.

Labor Day Sale Sq for Blog

Labor Day originally was created to celebrate the contributions of American workers. For my celebration I’m having a Labor Day Weekend Sale on 6 of my patterns, because you all work hard and who doesn’t like to save a little money? I selected patterns that use 1-2 balls of yarn and are great for gift giving (since we all know that deadline is sneaking up on us, only 112 days left).


Tumbling Leaves Scarf - M2H Designs
Tumbling Leaves Scarf – M2H Designs

One of my favorite “small start” projects. Each of these motifs are worked off each other and you can vary the length of your scarf according to the amount of yarn you have. Can even make it shorter as a “Neck Cozy” just add a pretty button and use any of the openings in the lace as a “buttonhole”. This pattern is a great one for using chunky yarns with gradual color changes.


Twisted Vs Cowl - M2H Designs
Twisted V Cowl – M2H Designs

Another one of my moebius twist crochet projects. I love to design like this because these projects need so little fussing with to finish. Worked in a chunky yarn this is another quick project to crochet up in an evening for your gift giving needs.


Infinite Grande Cowl - M2H Designs
Infinite Grande Cowl – M2H Designs

I loved working with this luxurious chunky alpaca yarn, the resulting cowl is squishy and so snuggly. A great project to make for someone special on your gift list who can really use a warm hug.


Ebb & Flow Scarf / M2H Designs
Ebb & Flow Scarf / M2H Designs

This is a crochet project for the more intrepid crocheter. The stitch pattern is changeable so you won’t get bored and the lacy fabric looks so elegant when finished you may want to keep it for yourself. The pattern has detailed text instructions and a full stitch diagram so you won’t get lost.


Paris Garden Scarf / M2H Designs
Paris Garden Scarf / M2H Designs

Ah Paris. This pattern is fun for experienced crocheters and a great “next-step” for newer crocheters. The stitch pattern alters every 2 rows, but is repetitive enough that it is easy to memorize. Another fun project that can be made in the original full length for a scarf, or shortened with buttons added to become a neck cozy.


Twisted Garden Cowl - M2H Designs
Twisted Garden Cowl – M2H Designs

One of my favorite moebius cowls that I’ve designed so far. This one is a little unusual in when you need to turn for your rounds, so you won’t get bored. But the rounds go so quickly that you’ll have a finished cowl before you know it. This cowl works great in color changing yarns, but would be gorgeous in a solid color as well.


Coupon code: LDWTMT15 will get you 15% off the price of any or all of these 6 patterns until 10 p.m. Monday, September 7, 2015 (that is Mountain time). That means you can save $3.59 if you purchase all 6 patterns. You can only use the coupon code once though, so be sure you select all of the 6 that you want to purchase in one go.

There are links for each of the patterns in the name of the pattern under each’s photo to make it easy for you to find them on Ravelry. Or you can get to my Ravelry Shop by clicking on this link: M2H Designs.


If you’ve never used a coupon code on Ravelry before it’s super easy.

If you are purchasing just one pattern go to the pattern page and select the “Buy Now” option in the upper right hand side of the screen.

You’ll get a nifty shopping cart box.

In the new box, look for the little tag that says “use a coupon code”.

Click on that tag, you’ll get a spot to enter the coupon code.

Once you’ve entered the code the price will be adjusted.

If you want to purchase more than one pattern, use the “Add to Cart” button on each pattern page, and once you have all the patterns in your cart that you want, click on the “use a coupon code” button and enter the coupon code.

Enjoy the sale. I hope you get lots of crochet time in during your Labor Day Weekend. Or at least some quality time with your friends and family.



Just Around the Corner

This past week I looked at the calendar and said, “Eek!”  I had just realized that I had less than a week before September was here.  That means that I have a bunch of birthdays coming up in the next 6 weeks and after that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities with all my loved ones.

Most of all this means those gifts that I had planned to get crocheted for “next year” are coming up quite quickly. I know I am very likely not alone in this quandary. So today I wanted to share a round-up of links to patterns from some of my blogging designer friends. Some of these patterns are free (just requiring a visit to their blog) and others are available for sale thru their Ravelry shops.

All of these pattern suggestions are for projects that are fairly portable, so you can get a few stitches in whenever you have a spare minute.


I wear a lot of scarves and with the cold weather season coming along I like making them as gifts. There is such a wide variety of scarf patterns out there, from the super simple to the superbly sophisticated.

Artfully Simple Angled Scarf

For those living in warmer climates, or that tend to run on the warmer side the Artfully Simple Angled Scarf designed by Tamara Kelly of Mooglyblog.com is great. This is a wonderful project to use some luxury yarn to create a statement piece for the fashionista on your gift list. This free pattern also has video tutorials and a stitch diagram to get you crocheting along without a hitch.


This scarf pattern from Elena Hunt at Beatrice Ryan Designs looks like a lot of fun to make, and I love the name: Sands of Time Scarf. It is a lovely scarf to showcase those long color change yarns that are so fun to work with. With dressy tassels and beads on the ends it’s a scarf that can be worn for warmth and fashion.


Infinity Scarves

These projects are always interesting to me. They are usually relatively narrow so like a scarf, but because they are a long loop they are generally worn like a cowl. I decided for today’s purposes they get their own category.


Rolling In the Deep Scarf

Rolling in the Deep Infinity Scarf from Lorene at Cre8tion Crochet is a scarf and it’s a big loop, so it can be worn a number of ways. Contrasting colors worked with ripples make this scarf a relaxing project to work and an exciting one to wear. This pattern is available for sale thru her Ravelry shop for $4.95.



Melting Snow Infinity Scarf from Tamara Kelly is a pretty and simple infinity scarf that you “just keep crocheting until you run out of yarn, then sew the ends together”. No muss, no fuss and another gift project is finished up. Available thru her Ravelry shop for $2.



For me a cowl is a scarf with some hutzpah. Cowls can be wide or narrow, long or short. Just really depends on the tastes of your giftee, or how much time you have to commit to crocheting up the project.



Kathy Lashley of Elk Studio knows all about the rush to get gifts ready for the Christmas holidays, so she has a couple of CALs going this fall that you can join at any time. I love this textured take on a cowl.  This is the first pattern in her Christmas Present Crochet-a-longs series and it is a lovely quick project for the crocheter that likes to work with texture using post stitches.



The Chloe V Puff Stitch Cowl from Lorene at Cre8tion Crochet is another fun project for those wanting a gift with texture and pizazz. The puffy stitches are great for a cushy fabric that your friends and family will love to snuggle into when the winds are blowing cold. You can find this free pattern on her Cre8tion Crochet blog.



Check out the free pattern for the Coraline in San Francisco Cowl designed by Celina Lane of Simply Collectible. This is a large cowl in a mesh stitch that has lots of options in how it can be worn. A great wearable gift project that is easy to crochet



You all know I love hats. They are one of those marvelous crochet projects that don’t take a lot of time to complete (quick gratification), yet are generally challenging enough to keep most of us happily stitching along. Hats also seem to be one of the favorite gifts that my family and friends get from me. At least I see them wearing them regularly.


Desert_Hope_Slouch_Beanie_Free crochet pattern by Celina Lane_

First off I have to share another free pattern from Celina Lane of Simply Collectible, the Desert Hope Slouch Beanie. This is such a fun take on a V-st hat that I am totally making it for my oldest son. Worked in a masculine color it will be ideal for the boy who loves to wear crocheted hats all year long.



Check out this lovely hat pattern from Elena Hunt at Beatrice Ryan Designs: Effortless Chic Crochet Beanie. I love the button detail and the vertical striping. Worked in a yarn with long color changes it is going to have a distinctive look, or use a solid color yarn and let the texture be the focal point.



Project #2 in Kathy Lashley’s Christmas Crochet-a-long is a hat worked in the same textured stitches as the cowl. Perfect to make as a set or just make the hat alone if you are pressed for time.



I am really intrigued by this great earflap hat pattern from Jessie Rayot of Jessie-At-Home: Max Hat. Jessie has created a clever hat that incorporates the earflaps into the last rows of the hat.  The striping with changing stitch heights makes a lovely detail over the flaps. She has shown numerous ways to modify the hat to make it perfect for your giftee and it’s sure to be a hit. You can purchase the pattern thru her Ravelry shop for $4.


Some Super Duper Quick Projects

Time has run out and you need something that you can stitch up in just a few hours. Take a look at these little projects for those last-minute gifts.


This Chain Wrap bracelet from Jessie Rayot of Jessie-At-Home is a wonderful way to show off a pretty button. Or make up a little kit for your giftee to make their own. Instead of a crocheted gift you can give the gift of learning to crochet. It’s a free pattern on Jessie’s blog and she even has videos on how to make it from start to finish.


Now it’s time for the fun part, picking out the yarn and getting your project bags ready to go. I’ll have about 5 different project bags traveling with me in the car so I can get in a few stitches whenever I am waiting to drop off and pick up the boys from school. Hope you all enjoy planning out your projects and getting in some quality crochet time.