Angels in My World

I have been a member of the International Free Form Crochet Guild since Fall 2008.  Each year they have a challenge to create a freeform piece based on a particular theme. This year’s challenge theme was ” Somewhere in my World.”   I decided to enter a piece for the first time since joining the group.

Angels in my World - Finished Challenge Piece

It took me a while to decide how to approach the challenge.  I only had three months to design and complete my entry and to send a photograph to the coordinator (the lovely and talented Myra Wood).  So I knew I wanted to keep it small.

I thought about the theme for quite a while before being hit by inspiration.  I have been blessed during the past 20 years of my life to be surrounded by amazing, supportive and inspiring women.  Some are close friends, others are teachers and mentors. Some may have moved briefly thru my life, but all have left huge impressions in my world.

As I pondered the richness of having these women in my life I hit upon an idea.  Angels! In fact I knew just the angel drawing I wanted to use.  I didn’t want something too cutsie or twee.

I had been thinking about creating a mixed media piece utilizing FreeForm crochet for some time.  I started gathering yarn and paper with an eye toward this challenge.

A Palette of Yarns and Paper

My starting place was a graphic I had drawn years ago for an abstract angel.  I sketched and fiddled with the sizing until I had a size that I felt would work with the time constraints as well as the materials I had chosen.  The finished Angel is slightly smaller than an 11″x14″ canvas.

I used a combination of paper and cardstock cut to the shapes I wanted.  Then I crocheted fragments of various yarns and thread that were either worked into holes punched into the paper or sewn on.  My color palette was taken from a lovely handspun yarn that another fiberartist traded me for my first hand carved wooden crochet hook.  It is the multicolored yarn you see repeated thruout the final piece.

I plan to create a series of Angel pieces over the next few years using various mixed media, including fiberarts, painting, papermaking and wood work.

If you want to see more of the pieces in the show, you can visit the online gallery.  International Free Form Guild Show – Somewhere in My World

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