A Little Sparkle for Spring

I’m still celebrating NatCroMo, and those of you looking for something pretty to wear this spring will appreciate this little pattern.

Gold w Gold Earrings

I made these earrings over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been having a great time experimenting with Size #10 Crochet Cotton and beads worked over a split ring armature.

Red w Gold Earrings 2

As you can see, it’s possible to get really different looks just by altering the size and colors of beads used. Both of the above earrings used the same metallic gold/cream thread, the only change was the beads I’ve chosen. It’s endlessly entertaining making these with the various beads in my stash.


I like the Ball Hook Earwires because I can make a variety of earrings, and use the same wires by interchanging the crocheted part. I purchased these at my local JoAnns Craft and Hobby shop.

Simple Victorian Drop Earrings

Designed by Andee Graves

Stitch Chart for
Stitch Chart for Simple Victorian Drop Earrings



#10 Crochet Cotton Thread

Hook  1.75 mm & .90mm steel

2 – 20mm Split Rings

10 – glass beads with large enough holes for thread to fit thru doubled


29 single crochet with a chain-2 space should cover the ring fully without being too crowded.

Special Stitches

Beaded Chain Stitch (bdch): Remove hook from working loop, place bead on smaller hook and insert in working loop, slide bead onto working loop, remove smaller hook and replace larger hook in working loop, YO and make chain stitch. Need help with this step check out my blog post “Making a Pendant”


Begin by fastening your thread around the ring and placing working loop on larger hook. Need help with this step check out my blog post “Getting Started on a Thread Earring”

Round 1: Ch 1, 23 sc working into the ring, ch 2, 6 sc working into the ring, sl st to first sc of Rnd. (29 sc, 1 ch-2 sp)

Round 2: Ch 1, sk 1 st, sc next 2 sts, *ch 1, bdch, ch 1, sk 2 sts,* sc next st, Repeat from * to *, (dc, ch 1, bdch, ch 1, dc) next st, Repeat from * to *, sc next 2 sts, ch 1, sl st next st.

Fasten off and weave in tails.

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