Notice Something New?

After a lot of thinking about it and talking with some friends I decided it was time to change the name at the top of the page for my blog. “Two Hands Healing and Creative Arts” is rather long and diffuse. Instead my blog will simply be “Mamas2Hands” from now on. It is in keeping with my URL, which is “Two Hands Healing and Creative Arts” will remain my primary company name.

I’ll be making some other changes over the next 3 months as I re-align my business with my goals for 2017 and onward. We will talk more about that next month. For now, it’s time to continue enjoy crocheting and NatCroMo.

Today I spent my morning with my good friend Val crocheting. She is making a bunch of hats, some for little kids and some for American Girl Dolls. I was working on a new hat design. It’s still in the early stages, but I’ll share more about it once I have it all worked out.

I chose to work this preliminary hat in some Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection “Everyday Worsted”. It’s a nice anti-pill yarn so holds up to the repeated frogging that is often part of working out a design. Of course, having prepared for lots of frogging, I ended up getting the stitches right the first time. I think that might be a corollary to the rule about “Carry an umbrella and it doesn’t rain”.

2 thoughts on “Notice Something New?

  1. I remember American Girl dolls from when my daughter was young – years and years ago – I’m happy to see that they are still popular since they are so expensive. I never thought to crochet outfits for them. It made me giggle a little that you were choosing yarn that stands up well to a pond full of frogging! That is something that I need to start paying attention to! 🙂

    1. They are very popular and there are other 18″ dolls along the same style and size that are the more affordable version. My friend Val is great at making doll-sized clothing for them, both sewn and crocheted. We get a chuckle at being grown women that play with dolls.

      Froggable yarn is a designer’s best friend. LOL I’ve been known to pull out my stitches so much that I nearly destroy the yarn, so I love the sturdy “anti-pilling” yarns.

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